Tournament [Draft CA] Smogon x NPA Signups!

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Name Robyn

Time Zone GMT-5:00

Relevant Social Media

Accomplishments 2nd place Hartford Regionals 2017

Bio I am signing up to fill a supportive role for any team that wants to drop 3k on a dedicated and experienced player assistant. I'm by no means the most accomplished or best player on this list, and as such I would expect only to see actual tournament play if I was needed to sub in. Team tours are a wonderful experience and I greatly enjoy filling a more supportive role - I have extensive experience with similar positions from Smogon tours before my recently-ended hiatus, having been a team manager in 1v1 World Cup and 1v1 Premier League in 2020. During those tours, I was a constant supportive presence helping with teambuilding, scouting, improving mental, match prep, overall cheerleading, and more; and I hope to fill many of those same roles again for this tournament. Drop 3k on a support - your players will thank you for it come playoffs.
Name Andy Brophy

Time Zone GMT+10

Relevant Social Media @andybrphy

Accomplishments 4th — 2014 Nationals
40th — OCIC
1st — APAC Draft League 2023
(I had a huge break between events haha)

Bio I like working with others, I’m always looking to improve, and I have a lot of free time this season. I’m looking to go to more majors this year and getting more involved in the international community, so hopefully this tournament will help!
Name Richard

Time Zone GMT+1

Relevant Social Media @AmbitionVGC

Accomplishments 2nd place Malmö '23 Seniors
Seniors LAIC Stipend Earned (It was for this LAIC in masters but I earned it as a senior)
I beat Luca Lussignoli in Gdansk

Bio I may or may not be good at the game, but my friends are definitely good at the game.
Jokes aside, I would say I'm a fine level up and coming player from the Swedish scene with quite a bit of promise.
Name Taurian Bradford

Time Zone GMT-06:00

Relevant Social Media X - @JustStiickyVGC

Accomplishments No large accomplishment. High GC placements. First full year of VGC 4-5 at NAIC Orlando and San Antonio.

Bio Newer to the VGC side of the game. Started with my first regional in Orlando and have attended NAIC & Orlando since. I am a registered VGC judge and I actively judge for Thomas Hayden as well! Im and very passionate about VGC and looking to continue my growth in the upcoming season
Name Alessio Fuscà

Time Zone GMT+01:00

Relevant Social Media Twitter (X): NikyuAlex

Accomplishments Top 4 Turin SPE 2023
Top 8 Barcelona SPE 2023
Top 32 Bochum Regional 2023
Top 64 Berlin EUIC 2019
Top 64 Milan SPE 2022
Top 64 DC Open 2019
Top 128 Stuttgart Regional 2023
2018 Zelda Sao Paolo Challenge Champion
Desafio VCL 1 Master Cup Champion

Bio In addition to my accomplishments, I can say that I played tons of team tournaments and since 2019. I also played NPA twice, both times with the Rollouts, before to take a break from NPA and I can't wait to come back for the new edition. I am the current captain of the Capital Underdogs eSport team (@Cap_Underdogs on Twitter).
Name Oh the guilt

Time Zone GMT-6:00

Relevant Social Media Nothing

Accomplishments Win dou world cup and be in the high ladder several times

Bio I started playing Pokémon since 2015, in 2017 I decided to dedicate myself only to vgc until today, I know how to play various styles of games and I consider myself someone with experience


VGCPL Champion
Name Cypher

Time Zone GMT-05:00

Relevant Social Media @Cypherthekid

Accomplishments Top 16 Orlando 2023, Top 128 Toronto 2023
Won APAC league Season 5 with Cascarrafa Carracostas
2013 and 2022 Smogon VGC classics player
2022 and 2023 Team Philippines VR World Cup
Tournament organizer for NJ/NYC VGC local scene

Bio 3k benchwarmer that can help throw ideas around, actually motivated to play/theory mons

The Goomy

Whitest Mexican Alive
Name The Goomy

Time Zone GMT-5:00

Relevant Social Media Discord: thegoomy

Accomplishments Finished NPA 12 with a 3-2 record, posting a 22.4 battle score for Postwick United.
Have gotten CP at every in-person event I've attended, including winning a MSS, Top 128 2023 Charlotte Regional, Top2 MSS, and Top2 PC

Bio I am striving to be a part of this iteration of NPA because I absolutely love the team environment and thrive in it.
I am the type of team member that is always willing to build, test, and encourage others.
This is evidenced by the fact that I had over 1700 messages in last year's channel, despite only starting for half the season.

Thanks for the consideration!
Name MiloNick

Time Zone GMT+01:00

Relevant Social Media @MiloNickVGC on Twitter/X en MiloNick on Discord.

Accomplishments 14-4 WCOP (Two years 6-1 (21 and 22) and 2-2 (23) (Nick Holmer, Team Netherlands), Experience in other teams (VCL as a example) and 6-3 at Stuttgart 2024.

Bio Good at scouting. Will do my best to get the best result possible. Helping others even when i am not playing.
Name Teka

Time Zone gmt-6

Relevant Social Media twitter:tekavgc, discord:tekavgc

Accomplishments Won an among us game as impostor with Abdullah Mohayyuddin and Jesse Romolo as partners

Bio peak radiant, ar 54, unreal in br and zb, gold soloq, faceit 3, master unite, deoxys rank ptcgl, fut champs rank 3
Name Ben Omnes-Norton

Time Zone GMT-8

Relevant Social Media @AyoItsBenji (Formally NightLight26 )

Accomplishments Seniors - lots of other results too
2016 Day 1 worlds (seniors)
2017 NAIC top 8 (seniors)
2017 Day 2 worlds invite (seniors)

Masters -
2017 - London T128
2018 worlds day 1
2018 Nashville Open T64
2018 Toronto regionals 28th
2019 Santa Clara regionals 12th

2023 - Sacramento T128
2024 - 4 PC wins, 2 runner ups.

NPA 6/7 Cruisers! I’m probably forgetting some accomplishments, but generally I’ve had some strong showings.

Bio I’m currently sitting at 192/500 CP with Portland coming up, I’m hoping for a good enough showing there to warrant being so considered for NPA since it’s been a while since I’ve had any significant results.

I’m very committed to getting a worlds invite again this year, I know NPA will give me an opportunity to connect and network with other top players. I have been going to almost every local since they were allowed to be sanctioned again. I also used to staff and the website trainer tower and would regularly host online grassroots as a tournament organizer before they stopped operating.

I’m actively and often practicing on BO3 ladder and against other top players in my favorite discord servers. I also manage the VGC group on Facebook, so I’m very involved in the community. I just want to improve at the game and share my knowledge that I’ve built so far with others! I’m very motivating and always looking for practice games and offering team critiques.
Name Val

Time Zone GMT+1

Relevant Social Media @Val16___
Val16 on discord

Accomplishments Smogon VGC Classics winner
Pgl 3 runner up

Bio I do a lot in Week prep and help my teammates with it.
Hope to get drafted in an active team to improve my skill even more for major events.
Won the only smogon vgc team tour without custom avatar


VGCPL Champion
Name mEMA

Time Zone Gmt+2

Relevant Social Media Twitter @memavgc
Discord shin19 _shin19

Accomplishments Turin special event 6-3
Pgl 5-0
Some win in local event in rome

Bio I love draft tour,i hope it can be an opportunity to improve and get to know foreign players.


Demonstrably so
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Name DaWoblefet

Time Zone GMT-06:00

Relevant Social Media Twitter: DaWoblefet

Accomplishments 4x day 2 US National/NAIC finishes (T32 2015, T8 2016, T16 2018, T16 2023)
8x top 16 Regional finishes or better (T16 2013, T8 2014, T16 2015, T16 2017, T4 2018, T16 2018, T8 2022, T8 2024)
4x NPA Champion (4, 6, 7, 11); 3x Doubles Premier League Champion (6, 7, 8)

Bio NPA is my favorite team tournament of the year! The competition is fun and many of the relationships I've built through it have been long-lasting. It would be wonderful to seriously compete again this year and attempt to take another victory. Historically, I've achieved substantial records to help win several team tournaments. I have both historic and recent results at in-person VGC events. I have a thorough understanding of game mechanics and EV optimization techniques. I'm able to dedicate time for match preparation and scouting.
Name Jack White

Time Zone GMT-0

Relevant Social Media Twitter/Discord/Twitch - iiSalad

Accomplishments Won and Top 4 PCs in the past month, 6-3 London Open, 5-4 in a few other regionals after making solid 3-0/4-1 starts. Couple 2nd places in UK based VGC Draft League (UKITT).

Bio Hey! I am Jack and/or Salad and I've played VGC since the start of sw/sh and singles for a very long time. I think that I'm an incredibly positive and hardworking person when it comes to team drafts. I have lots of experience in the UK ones and I'm starting to find my rhythm when it comes to doing well in tournaments both online and in person.

I will put the maximum effort in for the team, whether it be building, scouting, bo3 practice, and just being active as a team member. Pick me up as one of your free 3000s ;).
Name Ryan (SableyeVGC)

Time Zone GMT-5

Relevant Social Media Twitter: SableyeVGC

Accomplishments 2nd Place Vancouver Regionals [2023 Regulation B]
Top 8 Collinsville Regionals [2019 Moon Series]
Top 8 Desafio Latam #4 [2021 series 7]
Top 16 Atlantic City Regionals [2019 Ultra Series]
Top 16 VR Road to Frankfurt [2022 Series 12]
Top 24 Players Cup 3 NA Regional Qualifier [2021 Series 8]
Top 32 Tommy’s Hit and Run Tour [2023 Regulation F]
2x Worlds Competitor

Team Tours:
World Cup 2022 Team Canada 6-3 [2022 Series 12]
World Cup 2023 Team Canada 3-1 [2023 Regulation E]
USPA 2022 Team Canada 6-0 [2022 Series 12]

Bio strong team player, able to help with prep sets and teambuilding
Name SlowHomie

Time Zone GMT-7

Relevant Social Media @andybakesyt on twitter

Accomplishments 6-3 Smogon Swiss Tour, Top 16 VGC Ladder Tour, hit top 20 on ladder for Reg C, D, E, and soon to be Reg F, team Utah for USPA 2024. Top 16 Winter Scramble

Bio I’m SlowHomie and I’m here to ball out! I haven’t got a switch, so this would be my regionals/worlds. I play waaay too much (~6000 games between Regs C-F), and I feel ready to compete with the best of the best and help my team win! I’ve been grinding out a lot of different archetypes this Reg and am ready to make Reg F my best format yet!

Agency Agency!
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Name Alex Qian (Alex123)

Time Zone GMT-8

Relevant Social Media Discord Alex123
Twitter: alexqian123

2x T8 2x 2nd won bo1 pc in Reg E and won a local in Reg D
San Diego 7-3
Smogon Summer seasonal t16
Smogon VGC Swiss 5-3

Team tours
HFB didn't do great but had a good time
Galar Goons had a good time and was a good scouter
Played in VCL 1st division and 2nd division (improved a lot in these leagues)

Bio Strong player able to help play sets
Big Chungus
I would like to be a 3k if possible
Agency Agency
Name Mattia

Time Zone GMT+01:00

Relevant Social Media Discord: #Mattia6393
X: @mattia_vinti

Accomplishments Top64 Milan Special 2022, 67° at Lille Regionals 2023, a few Topcut in some online and IRL events during 2022-2023 season

Bio I want to improve myself before this season end.
I'll help as much as I can for week prep, I test and build a lot to find the right team to use, alone or with my team friends.
I hope to be a part of this tournament!
Name Austin Bastida Ramos

Time Zone GMT-06:00

Relevant Social Media .crobie (discord)

Accomplishments Top 4 2014 Kansas City Regionals
Day 2 (28th) 2014 US Nationals
Day 2 (21st) 2015 US Nationals
Top 8 2017 Dallas Regionals

Bio TX VGC player looking to improve after a long hiatus from VGC. I work well on teams because I am open minded and have a positive attitude. I am up for a challenge and happy to practice different teams with different players.


some call me papa neth
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Name papa neth

Time Zone GMT-08:00

Relevant Social Media

Accomplishments VGCPL1 Host, VGCPL2 Postwick Pranksters Finalist & Manager,

Bio Consistent performer and unique flavor of player for draft leagues. Strong with collaboration, scouting, and matchups as well as providing adequate help to other players. reg E was my strongest season yet with several alts topping ladder, and an overall strong presence with over 13 years of VGC play. Willing to do any sort of tryouts necessary to make a team/prove my worth/value for a team.
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